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Sense and feeling in almost a half a century of adaptation, innovation and success.

Sense in the rapid adaptation to the environment based on experience, which allows the reduction of deadlines and improvement of profitability, always adapting the product to the market according to the language it speaks: quality, customisation, industrialisation, sustainability... Innovating project by project and transforming the business paradigm as many times as necessary. Feeling in the professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm of a specialised and experienced team that gives its best every day, in every project.

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We are changing our image...
to return to our essence.

Experiencia, amor por el oficio de promotor inmobiliario e innovación es lo que pretendemos comunicar con nuestro nuevo logotipo, en el que la estrella ha sido, y es, símbolo de ilusión y deseo conseguido, ¿Quién no ha mirado alguna vez al firmamento estrellado y ha pedido un deseo?. Los nuevos paréntesis abarcan el espacio de trabajo, la materia prima que augura un futuro prometedor. La vivienda como un espacio vacío que llenamos de deseos y vivencias.

In Hercesa,
we want to make it easy for you.

Because turning your house into a home is the aim of all our teams and expertise and of all your wishes and needs, so the sooner we begin, the better! Together, we need to be right with the purchase and with the adaptation of your home and we want you to know that we are going to do everything we need to achieve it...

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Renueva, viviendas de segunda mano

Turn your house into a home

Because we are all different, hercesa offers you all you need to create your perfect dream home.

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Exclusive home purchase service that adapts to the moment you want. Choose when and where you want to buy.

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Truths as bigger as houses

The experience and enthusiasm of more than 450 professionals dedicated to the best choice of location, the constant search for solutions to guarantee the best project, the possibility of making your home your own and the commitment to the planet make each of our homes a thoughtful home.

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These 10 differences are the synthesis of our experience, commitment to sustainability and passion for a well done job,

International Approach

In almot 50 years of experience in the real estate sector, Hercesa has developed and delivered more than 29,000 homes in residential projects located throughout Spain. As of 2004, it transfers the business model developed in Spain, adapting it to the reality of each country: Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Morocco, Panama, Ecuador and Mexico.

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